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Vintage Postcards

These lesbian-interest postcards are from my personal collection. Some of these postcards (such as the Mexican postcard) intend lesbian interpretation, while others (such as The White Ball) can easily be re-interpreted as expressions of romantic love between women.


Dark and Fair

French/Russian Art Repro

Starving in the Midst of Plenty

Tinted Photograph

TPCMexican.jpg - 9625 Bytes
Mexican Postcard
Tinted Photograph

TPCBetweenTimes.jpg - 2001 Bytes
Sometimes the Girls Kiss Each Other
Detroit Version

The Fudge Party Postcard - 8166 Bytes
The Fudge Party
(H. Fischer)

White Ball Postcard - 8843 Bytes
The White Ball
(H. Fischer)

TPCTheMusic.jpg - 8781 Bytes
French Postcard
Art Repro, The Music

TPCWomenWithLyre.jpg - 2103 Bytes
On the banks of the Hellespont
(Carl Schweninger)

TPCRussian.jpg - 8033 Bytes
Russian Postcard
Art Reproduction

TPCSurprised.jpg - 9135 Bytes
French Postcard
Art Repro, Surprised

TPCWomenOneWithMandolin.jpg - 9675 Bytes
Two Women,

TPCIKnowABank.jpg - 8579 Bytes
I Know a Bank

Last Flowers

Louis Ridel

Women under Branch

Women in Orchard

Women Dancing in Circle